The day was difficult and tedious ...

Time to relax with a superb cup of coffee, but also with moments of delight drinking in a place that respects the special moments. The cafe «Epavlis» in Pastida flirts with the seasons of the year and engages in exciting and memorable moments for you and your friends.
On warm summer days, the pool invites you for swimming and diving, while enjoying a snack with your favorite drink or cocktail. In the winter you can enjoy the prevalent special warmth coming from the fireplace, while the football fans can enjoy the game of their favorite team with the necessary morsel of the gang!
The cafe «Epavlis» combines everything. Organizes various events and children's parties, birthdays and the appropriately configured space is available for any type of social event.
Cafe «Epavlis» in Pastida. It differs because it makes the difference!


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Cafe - Bar


ΠαστίδαΡόδος, Νότιο Αιγαίο 851 06


+30 22410 47228

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