Café - Bar

Café - Bar

The ideal place for restful holiday of relaxation and comfort is called «Glory Days FBI SPORTS BAR & GRILL». It awaits you in the heart of bustling Ixia.

Place: Ixia

Combine your holiday with beautiful memories and times according to what you like! The “Rodos Garden Restaurant-Cocktail Sports Bar”, in the cosmopolitan Ixia, awaits you all!

In “Rodos Garden Restaurant-Cocktail Sports Bar”, enjoy your favorite drinks and cocktails, and watch with your friends, your favorite sports online and whatever else you are interested...

Exchange your plain holiday with endless hours of fun and enjoyment! Visit “Rodos Garden” to the feel.

Place: Ixia

The day was difficult and tedious ...

Time to relax with a superb cup of coffee, but also with moments of delight drinking in a place that respects the special moments. The cafe «Epavlis» in Pastida flirts with the seasons of the year and engages in exciting and memorable moments for you and your friends.

Place: Pastida

The hot days of summer, when the thermometer hits red, an appropriate solution is single: «OASIS snack & pool bar». Located in the picturesque pine forests on the way to the beach and waiting to refresh you!

In «OASIS snack & pool bar» your choices are not only refreshing but also delicious. Enjoy the joy of summer swimming in the pool, and hang out with your favorite drinks and cocktails that elevate your mood!

Place: Pefkoi