Η αρχοντιά της νοστιμιάς και της γεύσης σ’ όλο τους το μεγαλείο υπάρχει στο εστιατόριο «KOSKINOU HOUSE» και σας περιμένει.

Οι εξαίσιες γεύσεις δημιουργούν την παράδοση με σύμμαχο το χρόνο. Το εστιατόριο-πιτσαρία «NAPOLI» φέρνει την ιταλική κουζίνα στο τραπέζι σας και όχι μόνο.

Επιλέξτε τη δική σας παραδοσιακή πίτσα (υπάρχουν πάνω από 30 είδη) και απολαύστε από τον κόσμο των ζυμαρικών σπαγγέτι, ταλιατέλες, τορτελίνια ή πέννες, όλα φτιαγμένα από φρέσκα και αγνά υλικά! Επίσης, το εστιατόριο-πιτσαρία «NAPOLI» ικανοποιεί τις γαστρονομικές απαιτήσεις της κάθε ελληνικής παρέας με εκλεκτά φρέσκα κρεατικά της ώρας.

Εστιατόριο-πιτσαρία «NAPOLI» στην Ιξιά. Κοντά σας από το 1987.


When you visit the Ancient Kamiros don’t forget to make stop at “Old Kamiros” Taverna.

You can choose among our fresh fish menus, shrimps, prawns, octopus and all the fresh sea food. We also can offer you fresh meat, cooked on the grill, salads, appetizers, and many others traditional greek specialities. Beneath the “Old Kamiros” tavern, you can enjoy a drink at the Beach Bar while letting your kids play in the playground, or swim in the crystal-clear, shallow waters at the sandy beach.

Combine your holiday with beautiful memories and times according to what you like! The “Rodos Garden Restaurant-Cocktail Sports Bar”, in the cosmopolitan Ixia, awaits you all!

Try the exquisite flavors and recipes of “Rodos Garden” from Greek and international cuisine, fine dining with fresh fish and seafood, and meats on the grill!

Set within the walls of the world of the famous Medieval town of Rhodes, Alexis4Seasons restaurant can offer you an unforgettable dining experience in Rhodes.

Our famous, awarded fresh seafood and fish and the great variety of the cuts in our meat menu, showcase everything the real Mediterranean cuisine has to offer.

Enjoy your lunch or dinner in our lovely garden and pick from a selection of Rhodian wines to compliment your meal.

Next to one of the most beautiful beaches of Rhodes, Tsambika, lies the traditional Tsambika Restaurant. After an enjoyable swim, you can taste there a lot of Greek traditional delicacies and hearty dishes made of fresh fish and local meat.

In the heart of the bustling Ixia there is the outstanding restaurant “Jason Inn".

A wonderful place that brings together lovers of good food, and culinary delights!

The Restaurant “Jason Inn" offers exquisite dishes based on traditional Greek cuisine while fresh fish and seafood are at the forefront of preference!

The Restaurant “Jason Inn", with the family environment and low prices, brings the tradition and quality to your table!

The ultimate traditional house of taste and pleasure! The restaurant «KALIVA» for years, treats you with the traditional Greek hospitality, impeccable service and authentic flavors of the cuisine of Rhodes!

Savour exquisite dishes of fresh seafood and fish and decorate your table with appetizers, along with traditional local suma, ouzo, fine wine, and whatever else pleases your appetite!

Travelling the southeast side of the island, one meets the seaside village of Gennadi. There, on the way to the sea, just 20 meters before the clear waters, lies the restaurant of Klimis.

A cool oasis in midsummer still keeps the tradition of many years, in cooked food and delicious appetizers served with ouzo or wine of the company. Your choices continue with fresh seafood and grilled meats of all kinds all on the coals!

In the idyllic Charaki beside the calm sea, you can find the restaurant "Kostas and Eleni", creating and delivering distinctive flavors of Greek cuisine and tradition ...  Fine cuisine, with dishes baked or stewed, and also beefed onto the coals, consisting of fresh meats that dominate the preferences of visitors.  The table for the demanding gang includes seafood dishes and fresh fish, and the essential snack, the perfect accompaniment for ouzo or cold beer.  Restaurant "Kostas and Eleni" in Charaki ... the point of reference for taste and flavor.